Types Of Fence Protection

Poly-Cap Fence Toppers

Baseball diamonds across the world have utilized corrugated piping on chain link fences to protect people from harm. This pipe keeps players, visitors, coaches, animals, and other park-goers away from the sharp ends of chain link fence. Corrugated pipe is thick, crack-resistant, and virtually weatherproof. Since it is made with similar materials as regular drain pipes, you know it's a tough material built to last. The classic yellow color of this fence topper serves as a bright, visible barrier between guests and the ball field. Worried about color fade? The treated corrugated pipe can sit out in the sun all summer long and still be the same bright yellow by the end of the season!


  • Ready To Install
  • Material: Polyethylene Corrugated Tubing
  • Weather Treated And Crack Resistant
  • UV Protected To Resist Fading Effects Of The Sun
  • Thick Wall Construction Prevents Material Deterioration

Poly Cap fence
Poly cap fence

Fence Guard

The Fence Guard Protection serves protection and visibility and prevents injury from the chain link fence. This cost-effective design has a polyethylene construction and can be installed by just one person. This economical fence topper has a professional teardrop-shaped profile, slimmer and sleeker than the Poly-Cap style but just as effective.


  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Includes The Fence Ties For Installation
  • Ready To Install And Maintenance Free
  • Most Cost-Effective Fence Topper Solution
  • Longest Lasting Fence Cap On The Market
  • UV Protected To Resist Fading Effects Of The Sun
  • Has Pre-Drilled Holes To Install To Fence Using Fence Ties

Fence Guard
Yellow Fence guard

Safety Top Cap

The sleekest Fence Topper available on BaseballFenceTopper.com, the Safety Top Cap has a D-shape, consisting of one flat side that fits along the fence and a rounded side. Available in only one color, Safety Top Cap is available in the traditional fence topper vibrant yellow which is UV treated for long-lasting color that will resist fading caused by sun exposure.


  • Material: HDPE Plastic
  • Easy To Install, Snaps Over Chainlink Fence
  • UV Stabilized Plastic Resists Fading From The Sun
  • D-Shape Design Allows One Side To Lay Flat To Fence
  • Has Pre-Drilled Holes To Install To Fence Using Fence Ties

Safety Top Cap
Safety Top Cap with hog ring

Baseball Fence Topper Options:

Fence Topper Type Colors Available Lengths Available
Poly-Cap Black, Dark Green, Yellow 100 ft, 250 ft
Fence Guard Blue, Dark Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Black 84 ft
Safety Top Cap Yellow 40 ft, 80 ft

For more information, or to find the Fence Topper right for you, reach out to our professional sales team at (888) 378-1027 or email at Sales@BaseballFenceTopper.com.

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