Fence Top Protection

Fence Toppers are an essential accessory to chainlink fences that provide visibility and safety to the fence. A versatile product, chainlink fence is used in a variety of applications, including baseball and softball fields, construction sites, residential backyards, trellises, and as chicken wire. Chainlink fabric is weaved into a diamond pattern that prevents shoes from gripping the mesh, minimizing the ability to climb the fence without compromising the view. This type of fence ends in the same diamond pattern at the top, which exposes sport-goers to potentially harmful and sharp chainlink twisted ends. Although designed to protect the things they surround, in sporting event settings in which children, players, coaches, and visitors are near or touching the fence, it is imperative to use the Fence Topper Covers, specially designed for covering the exposed chainlink mesh ends to provide a safe barrier for children and fans so they can get up close to the game worry-free.

Benefits Of Fence Toppers

  • Simple And Easy To Install, No Tools Necessary
  • Reduces Liability Of Costly Snags And Injuries From Fence
  • Provides Safeguard From Exposed Chainlink Mesh Sharp Ends
  • Available In A Variety Of Bright Colors To Provide Visibility When The Game Runs Late
  • Colors Can Be Chosen For Team Colors To Add Team Spirit to Schools And Fields
  • Through Fence Topper Popularity, Yellow Fence Caps Have Become A Visible Home Run Marker For Baseball

Our fence top protection comes in many choices. We offer everything from the Safety Top Cap to the Baseball Fence Poly Cap which comes in yellow, black or green. For more colors, try our Original Fence Guard which comes in Blue, Dark Green, Orange, Red, White or Yellow.

Poly Cap Fence Topper