Fence Toppers

Poly-Cap Safety Fence Topper

Poly-Cap Fence Topper

Poly Cap Baseball Fence Topper adds an extra line of safety defense to the chain link fence around sports stadiums. Available in Black, Dark Green, or Yellow and sizes 100' and 250' rolls.

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Fence Guard Fence Topper

Fence Guard Safety Topper

Fence Guard Topper offers a safe solution at an affordable price. Available in multiple sizes and colors to meet the needs required for protecting players from rigid chain link fence tops.

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 Safety Top Cap Baseball Outfield Fence Top Protection Cover

Safety Top Cap Fence Topper

Safety Top Cap covers the sharp tops of chain link fencing to help protect children, players, and fans. With this installed on chain link fence, a new level of safety is added to every application.

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 Specialty Color Baseball Outfield Fence Top Protection Covers

Specialty Custom Colored Fence Topper

Ensure your baseball outfield is safe and visually appealing with our custom-ordered specialty fence topper. Each 40-foot section is designed to provide protection and a clean finish to your fence tops.

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