Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is Baseball Fence Topper Made of?

    Our Poly Cap, Fence Guard Safety Topper, and Safety Top Cap are made of weather-treated and UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene.

  2. How Do I Know How Much Fence Topper To Buy?

    You will need to know the length of the fence first to know how much fence topper to buy. Check out our Outfield Fence Topper Calculator to figure out the length of fence topper you will need on your grand slam or outfield fence. Add the length of the outfield fence with the two side fences, and that will be the total number of fence toppers needed for the entire baseball, softball, or little league fence needed.

  3. Can I Just Use Drain Pipe?

    Poly-Cap and drain pipe are both made from high-density polyethylene; however, the biggest difference will be that the poly-cap is weather treated and UV protected. Because of these treatments, the poly-cap will last much longer than the drain pipe.

  4. What are the differences between the 3 types of baseball fence topper?

    The first kind is Poly-Cap. It is made from UV-stabilized, weather-resistant high-density polyethylene. This is the most popular option and will fit any chain link fence. The corrugated HDPE round shape is easily installed and can be fastened with ties for more security. The second type is Fence Guard. It has a sleeker shape compared to the poly-cap. It also comes in more colors to match any team or school. The Fence Guard comes in three types; Lite, Standard, and Premium. They are all made from the same UV-stabilized HDPE, and the only difference is the thickness they come in. The third type is Safety Top Cap. It offers the sleekest design. The fence topper can be attached via the included hog rings.

  5. How Long Do They Last?

    The fence topper lasts for years without showing signs of wear. The warranties range from 2 years up to 25 years.

  6. Are They UV Protected?

    Yes, all of our fence toppers are manufactured with UV-stabilized and weather-resistant high-density polyethylene.

  7. How Do I Install The Fence Topper?

    We have a comprehensive guide on how to install each type of fence topper. Installation is quick and easy. All of the baseball fence toppers come pre-cut.

  8. What Is The Process For Ordering It For A School Or Government Purposes?

    Simply call us at (888) 378-1072, send us a fax at 330-650-9004, or email Check out our School & Government Purchases resource page for more information.

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