How To Install A Baseball Fence Topper

Installing baseball fence cap can take a long time without the proper tools and knowledge. Fortunately, it's a fairly simple process that should not take long at all, allowing more installations of the fence cap with fewer people. There are multiple types of baseball fence topper available. The traditional Poly-Cap, Fence Guard, and Safety Top Cap. They all install slightly differently but should take roughly the same amount of time.

Baseball Fence Topper Installation
Install Tool

Poly-Cap Installation

Before beginning the installation of the baseball poly-cap fence topper, there are a couple of tools that will speed up the installation process and make the install a lot easier. A Baseball Fence Poly Cap Installer Tool or a Baseball Fence Poly Cap Zipper Installation Tool will make a big difference on how long it takes to install the chain link fence topper. There are also Reusable Ties that can be used if necessary, but only if the tension of the poly-cap fence topper is not strong enough to stay on the top of the chain link fence top rail. These ties are UV resistant and weather-treated which means they will out last any generic zip tie. Having two to three people available will also make the installation process much easier. Poly-cap fence topper relies on tension to hold it in place.

The first thing that should be done is to lay out the fence topper along the side of the chain link fence. If using at least three people, take the Two-person Install Tool and insert it in the pre-cut poly-cap fence topper. This tool will help spread the fence apart as it is walked along the top of the chain link baseball fence. If using two people, take the Zipper Installation Tool and insert it in the opening of the poly-cap fence topper. Now that the tool is inserted in the topper, have the other person start lifting up the topper and resting it on the top of the fence rail. While this is happening, the person or people holding the tool will guide the opening over the chain link top rail and start walking along the fence. The person not using the tool will be pushed down on the fence topper, making sure it is resting securely on the fence rail. Continue this process until the desired length is reached. Cut off any excess fence topper if need be.

Installation of baseball fence topper
Fence Topper

Fence Guard and Safety Top Cap Installation

The installation process for the fence guard and safety top cap is almost the same as the poly-cap. The only difference is that the spreader tool will not be needed, but plastic ties or hog ties will be necessary. The ties are needed because, unlike the poly-cap, the fence guard and safety top cap do not rely on tension to hold it in place. They need ties to hold the bottoms together. The ties come in a variety of colors so they will be able to match the color of the topper being installed. Having at least two people will speed up and make the installation process a lot smoother.

The first step is to lay out the topper beside the fence. One or both people should then take the fence and slot it in the top of the chain link fence rail. Remember, if installing a Safety Top Cap that the "D" or rounded side should go on the top rail side of the fence. One person should be tying it on as it is being laid onto the fence. There are pre-drilled holes on the bottoms of the baseball fence topper. Continue inserting the fence topper on the top rail and tying it together until the desired length is reached. Cut off any excess topper if needed.

Installing a baseball fence topper on a chain link fence is not nearly as difficult as a lot of people think it is. All it takes is a couple of people and the right tools. At BaseballFenceTopper, we are here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order. Our friendly sales representatives are glad to help!

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