How Measure A Baseball Fence

Baseball Fence

Measuring a baseball fence is much simpler than a lot of people think it is. All it requires is one measurement and some math to figure out the length of the fence and fence topper needed. The amount of fence topper needed will be the same length as the chain link fence. There are different types of baseball fence toppers, so knowing the differences may influence how much someone would get.

How To Measure Baseball Fence Length

Measuring baseball fence length is calculated by first measuring the length from home base to the foul pole in the outfield. Take that number and multiply it by 1.57. That number will be the length of the "grand slam" or outfield fence. For example, if the length of home plate to the foul pole is 200', then the outfield fencing would equate to 314'. This means that the total fence length for the entire baseball field would be 714'. 200' for each side , then 314' for the outfield fence. 200 + 200 + 314 = 714. The first step in determining how much fence topper is needed is to measure how long the baseball fence is.

Different Types Of Fence Top Protector

There are three different kinds of fence toppers; Poly-Cap, Fence Guard, and Safety Top Cap


Poly-cap baseball fence topper is the traditional kind that is the most popular. It's easy to install and comes in multiple colors. The most popular option is yellow since it will offer high visibility to anyone coming near it. Not all fence toppers are created equal. Our poly-cap is about 20% thicker compared to the competition. It's also weather-treated and UV protected. The UV stabilizer is mixed in with the polyethylene as its being manufactured. This helps maximize the lifespan of the protective topper. The poly-cap has a 2-year warranty and is completely recyclable. This type of fence topper relies on tension to hold it on top of the chain link fence rail. It is, however, recommended to use ties every three feet to help secure it.

Fence Guard

Fence guard is a great option for offering a sleeker look than poly-cap. The teardrop shape comes in more colors so that it can match the uniform or school colors of the home team. When installing this type of fence topper, no tools are needed, just the ties to attach the bottom ends together. The fence guard comes in standard or premium options. The difference between the two is the thickness. The thickness of the standard is 0.07". The thickness of the premium is 0.10". The standard fence guards come with pre-drilled holes every 24", a 3-year warranty, and the same great UV resistance as the poly-cap toppers. The premium option comes with all those features but a 5-year warranty instead of the standard's 3-year warranty.

Safety Top Cap

The safety top cap is going to be the sleekest topper available. It has a "D" shape that wraps around the chain link fence top nicely. The outer part covers the fence's top rail, and the straight part goes on the other side . It comes in yellow and provides an enhanced field appearance which helps warn fielders that are approaching the fence. It is manufactured using HDPE plastic with UV stabilizers. These toppers come with pre-drilled holes and hog rings to secure it onto the fence top. It is 1/16" thick and comes with a 25-year pro-rata warranty from Safety Top Cap. Safety Top Cap also offers a Lite model. It comes in a teardrop shape similar to the fence guards. It is manufactured using HDPE plastic with UV stabilizers and is thinner than the standard fence guards. These are a great option for lighter use while offering safety for years.

Measuring the length of the baseball fence and determining the length of the fence topper needed is less work than most people think. Once the length of the fence is figured out, finding the right fence topper is next. Contact our friendly sales representatives if you have any questions at all or would like to place an order. We are happy to help in any way we can!

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