How Do I Get My Poly Cap Over A Fence Post That Is Taller Than My Top Rail?

Installing a poly cap fence topper over your existing chain link fence is a smart move if you are trying to increase safety and decrease future accidents. However, on some occasions, when installing this feature in a ball park, football field, or other crowded area, your fence may be too high to place your poly cap by hand at the top. You can use a handy baseball fence poly cap zipper installation tool when this occurs. This tool was created to install a poly fence topper on a chain link fence. If you are wondering how to install a poly cap with this tool, it is easier than you think.

Installing A Poly Cap Fence Topper Over Your Chain Link Fence

After procuring a poly cap zipper installation tool, you only need to find two people capable of installing the poly cap over your fence. One person will pull the zipper tool while the other will press the poly cap firmly on the fence.

To use a poly fence zipper tool:

  • Attach the steel to the opening of your poly fence cap cover
  • Press down along the poly cap
  • Then, finally, pull the handle so that the fence cap is completely covering the top of the baseball fence

Installing a poly fence baseball top cover is simple and efficient without taking too much time.

Some Benefits Of Installing A Poly Cap Fence Topper Ontop Of Your Fence

If you’re looking for more reasons to install a poly cap fence topper, these include:

  • Weather-treated and UV-protected to handle all weather
  • Made from completely recyclable material
  • Polyethylene construction is durable enough to last many years
  • Available in yellow, black, and dark green

Baseball Poly Fence Topper

Installing A Baseball Poly-Cap Fence Topper

Whether you need to place your fence topper on a short or tall fence, they are easily customizable, and with the necessary zipper tool, you can quickly install them on any chain link fence. Want to learn about baseball fence toppers? Find extensive information in the resource hub.

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