Why Replace Your Old Baseball Field Fence Topper?

Fence Topper That Is Broken

Fence Toppers are a vital safety component to fences that border baseball fields and other outdoor recreational spaces. Made from thick polyethylene, these toppers are designed to protect players, coaches, and fans from injuring themselves on the jagged top of the chain link fence. To ensure these Fence Toppers are around to witness multiple seasons, the polyethylene used is UV-stabilized and weather treated.

What To Do When A Fence Topper Needs To Be Replaced

Great effort goes into creating these Fence Toppers to be long-lasting, but over time these toppers will begin to weaken and need to be replaced. These toppers commonly need to be replaced every couple of years or when they diminish in appearance. Leaving a worn-out topper on your field fence can be equally dangerous than not having a topper at all. A weakened Fence Topper can easily break if hit and cause serious harm to the individual by the fence.

It is essential to frequently check your Fence Toppers throughout the season to ensure they are correctly attached to the fence. This establishes safety and ensures that water and other debris are not getting underneath the topper, causing increased wear and tear. All our Fence Toppers come with a 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind about your purchase.

If you need a new fence topper or have questions about an existing one, contact our enthusiastic sales representative today!

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