Protection From Chain Link Fence Injuries

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Chain link fence is popular in outdoor spaces like backyards, parks, and sporting areas. Setting up a structured border around a specific area to contain some things while keeping out others is cost-effective. It is a common choice for many outdoor baseball and softball fields.

Though chain link fence provides an excellent solution for bordering the field and creating a backstop, it can be problematic and the source of serious injury. The chain link fence mesh is diamond-like to prevent animals from going through it and hinder people from climbing it. While this diamond mesh is effective in that standard, the section of the fence that sticks out at the top can be dangerous for those who run into it.

How To Make A Chain Link Fence More Secure

That is why all baseball and softball fields must install a protective cover over the top of all chain link fences. This thick and durable cover is the best barrier to protect players and fans from becoming injured.

At Baseball Fence Topper, we currently offer a wide selection of fence toppers that effectively cover chain link fence tops. Our unique toppers are made from extra-thick polyethylene to ensure top-level protection. Our fence toppers are UV-stabilized and weather resistant to give you multiple seasons of use.

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