What can be placed on top of a baseball fence to prevent injuries?

Baseball Fence Topper

Prevent injury this baseball or softball season by installing high-level protection to your field's chain link fence. The top of chain link fence can be dangerous to players and fans due to its pointed top. Those not paying attention to where they are going can easily collide with the fence and injure themselves. To avoid harm and have peace of mind all season long, we encourage all sports officials to add one of our protective fence toppers to their fence.

What Makes Our Fence Toppers Different

Our fence toppers are easy to install and allow you the freedom to play ball without having to worry about someone getting hurt. These toppers are made from high-quality and durable materials, so they protect your field for multiple seasons. We currently carry three different styles of fence toppers. Each has unique features that make them stand out, but all three offer top-notch protection.

Poly-Cap Fence Topper

The Poly-Cap Fence Topper is crafted from the same material used to make drainpipes. It has been weather treated and is crack-resistant, making it ideal for long sports seasons out in the sun. Offered in black, green, and the traditional yellow to fit the needs of all our customers.

Fence Guard

The Fence Guard is a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution to provide ideal visibility and protection to your outfield fence. This style of fence topper is made from polyethylene and is light enough to have only one person install it.

Safety Top-Cap

With its unique D-shape, the Safety Top-Cap perfectly snaps into place on the top of your chain link fence. Its bright yellow color gives great visibility to everyone on or near the field, so there is no potential for people accidentally running into it. UV-treated to ensure its signature yellow stays vibrant for years to come.

Keep the fun going all season long by taking the initiative and adding one of these protective fence toppers

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