Yellow Anti-Sag Rope - 02828

This yellow anti-sag fence rope is a great addition to add stability to and prevent the sagging of your Flexible Safe-T-Fence System.
Part Number: 02828
$8.78 each
$8.78 each


Yellow Anti-Sag Rope - 02828

This anti-sag rope is specifically designed to prevent your Safe-T-Fence from sagging. If your fence netting is subject to pressure from natural elements or that of the people using the fence in any application, it may stretch and begin to sag. To stop your fence from sagging, shaking in the wind, or protruding, use this bright yellow, anti-sag rope at the top of your fence fabric for extra stability. This rope is 170' long, thread through the anti-sag rope clip, and is secured to each fence post.


  • Used on the top of fence fabric for added stability
  • Yellow colored rope for visibility
  • Roll measures 3/16" W x 170' L
Name Yellow Anti-Sag Rope - 02828
SKU 02828
Product Type Anti-Sag Rope
Color Yellow
Price $8.78