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Yellow Corrugated Pipe For Fence

Who'd have thought yellow corrugated pipe for fence would be a smart idea? It was a very smart idea - so smart, in fact, that baseball diamonds across the world have utilized corrugated piping on chain link fence to protect people from harm. This pipe keeps players, visitors, coaches, animals, and other park-goers away from the sharp ends of chain link fence. 

Corrugated pipe is thick, crack resistant, and virtually weather proof. Since it is made with the same materials as regular drain pipe, you know it's a tough material built to last. Our fence cap pipe isn't used for draining purposes, but the benefits in sporting application are just as valuable.

Aside from the rough, jagged edges of chain link, another danger of a ball park is fly away balls. Balls can always be hit out of the ball park in a home run, of course, but the danger of getting hit usually lies within the baseball diamond. The classic yellow color of this fence topper serves as a bright, visible barrier between guests and the ball field. Worried about color fade? Treated corrugated pipe can sit out in the sun all summer long and still be the same bright yellow by the end of the season!

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Yellow Corrugated Pipe for Fence