Poly-Cap Fence for Baseball Fence Outfields

PolyCap® fence topper provides a professional "finished" look to park fences. Our unique yellow color adds visual impact to any park. PolyCap Fence is made from heavy-duty polyethylene and is designed to withstand the elements, retain its shape, and remain flexible even at low temperatures.

PolyCap 4" tubing is available in 100 and 250 foot rolls. Golden yellow PolyCap Fence adds visibility to your ball park fences, clearly defining the field for players. PolyCap, when applied over the top of chain link fences, covers the sharp edges of the fence and provides a smooth round surface that won't scratch or tear clothing.  PolyCap reduces injuries that could be caused by players running into or falling over the outfield fence.

Poly Cap yellow fence topper

PolyCap Fence