FNC1 Flexible Saf-T-Fence Package - 150'

The original flexible safety fence! Perfect for all levels of play. Flexible posts offer excellent injury protection because they flex and absorb impact 360ยบ and distribute pressure evenly to the fence. Attractive, easy to set up, and portable design will be a home run for any program! Includes 150' fence fabric roll, 18 flex-posts, and more!
Part Number: FNC1

$663.67 each

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$663.67 each


FNC1 Flexible Saf-T-Fence Package - 150'

Get the big-league look of a popular ballpark, for the right price! Perfect for both beginners and experienced ballplayers, Saf-T-Fence is the ultimate safe, soft fencing system.

How does it work? The flexible posts offer excellent injury protection because they flex and absorb impact 360º, and distribute pressure evenly to the fence. If an outfielder runs into the fence, the post bends, and your player will be protected from injury.

Saf-T-Fence is made from high-performance materials that are weather-resistant and UV protected to offer many years of trouble-free use. It's durable enough for the most demanding tournaments, soft enough for little league, and priced right so everyone can enjoy.


  • Offers attractive 4'H x 150' knitted polyethylene mesh with ½" squares
  • Allows 65% wind flow
  • Features 3 lines of reinforced banding to secure fence to posts
  • Reinforcements are located on the top, middle, and bottom
  • Fray-resistant
  • Cut to your desired length
  • Available in dark green, royal blue, red, and black

(18) Flex-Posts Features:

  • Offers maximum support - 1 post every 8'10"
  • One of the safest fence posts available
  • Measures 5'6" L x 11/16" Diameter
  • Constructed from UV protected fiberglass for total 360º flexibility
  • Designed to withstand frequent impact and flexing
  • Won't rust, rot, or become brittle
  • Flexibility evenly distributes pressure to the fence preventing damage and breakage
  • Pointed design can be installed without digging
  • Can be used with or without ground sleeves
  • Each post includes a yellow safety top cap & 3 adjustable gripper clips to secure fencing

Included Accessories

  • 170' Yellow Anti-Sag Rope
  • 51 Rope Clips
  • 100 Fence Zip Ties


Additional Information

Total Length 150'
Color Black, Dark Green, Red, Royal Blue