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Baseball Outfield Fence

Keep your children safe with baseball outfield fence. Polypropylene and #2HDPE completely recyclable corrugated fence topper provides full protection from the sharp, “knuckled” edges of chain link fencing. Before installing the aesthetic baseball outfield fence, the sharp and jagged cut edges of your school or parks fencing can be very hazardous, but not after you install your baseball outfield fence topper! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. You just snap on the high-tensile strength cover and you’re team is safe! (No pun intended!)

High density polyethylene(#2HDPE) has yield strength of 26-33 MPa, with an Ultimate MPa strength of 37. That’s almost three times that of the human skin, and twice that of standard polypropylene. This stuff means business, and that means keeping your kids safe, and with them safe, you can be happy knowing that they can do their best and play their hardest and not have to worry about unnecessary injuries.

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Your safety is our business. Now play hard! 

Baseball Outfield Fence