Baseball Fence Crown to excited to bring you high-quality, inexpensive baseball fence crown for all of your recreational needs. Our baseball fence crown is an excellent way to reduce player injuries, add fun color to your field, and increase fence visibility. Thinner and lighter products allow sunlight to penetrate the topper, making it brittle and allowing it to deteriorate quickly. Not our fence topper! Our fence crowns are brighter and thicker than competing products, adding valuable years to your fence topper's lifespan.

Having a crown for your fence shields the top from rust and corrosion and insures your team won’t catch an arm on a snag when reaching for an outfield hit. Our baseball fence crown is available in a range of colors including yellow, green, black, white and blue. They are easy to install and are treated with UV-stabilizers. It comes in multiple sizes and thicknesses, allowing you to find the perfect topper for your fence.

With the benefits and variety, it is a wonder why any field would go without a crown. For more information on baseball fence crowns, please contact our customer service team at (888) 378-1027 to speak with one of our trained professionals today!


Baseball Poly Cap 100' Ready To Install Black   Baseball Fence Poly Cap 250' Ready To Install Dark Green   03022 Original Fence Guard Lite 80'